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Installing Gravel Driveways

Driveways play a major role in the beautification of your residential area. It is also part of the landscaping process. Therefore, when choosing the type of driveway to install extensive research is required. The land terrain and its size is a major determining factor of the same. One’s budget should not be ignored and this should cater to installation, maintenance, and expected future upgrading. In this post, we cover the topmost benefits of choosing to install driveways made of gravel.

1.Installing gravel driveways is Cheaper

Gravel driveways are very much affordable compared to others. It does not require a lot of materials or skills. The area to be installed is marked after the measurements are taken. The gravel is then ordered, delivered, and poured at the selected area. In some areas, the gravel is available at the same area which is marked for installation. This makes the process even much cheaper. Spreading and compacting does not require a lot of labor.

2.Easy to Maintain

The top light gravel may be blown away by the wind or knocked aside by the residents when walking. Collecting and replacing and doing light compacting is very simple and does not require ordering replacing gravel. Simple tools like rakes are required to leveling before compacting. The same is used when collecting fallen leaves and twigs. Emerging potholes are just filled with concrete and compacted to the level of one’s driveway. 

3.Does not Erode

Unlike driveways built with sand, gravel driveways are not affected by water. The gravels can not be carried away by water, they are heavy. Water runs between gravel spaces and drains to the end. Gravel also loses moisture quickly and drying does not take long. There is no need of digging the side drainage line thus avoiding the extra costs. Additionally, with no stagnant water, the driveway remains clean and smart.

4.Acts as Home Security

Gravel driveways keep thieves at bay. They are aware of the sound produced when one steps or drives on the gravel and cannot enter nor approach those premises. The crunching sound can be heard from far especially at night when there are fewer disturbances and sounds. Only authorized persons can walk or drive on it comfortably.

5.Gravel Driveways Comes in Different Varieties

Different people prefer different choices and varieties of the selected type of driveway. No other driveway can match gravel when it comes to this. This is one of its unique characteristics. The owner can choose the gravel with the color which matches his or her buildings. For beautification, the owner can even decide to mix different colors. Again, one can choose the size of the gravel depending on the weight of the cars which are expected to be driven on it. Gravels also come in different shapes.


Hiring an expert to choose the help you in the choice and installation of the driveway is advisable. You may incur an extra cost but this will add a big value to your premises. Driveways define how your home looks because it creates the first impression. Contact Stratton Landscaping for professional gravel driveways