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Best Type of Gravel for Driveways

Are you wondering which type of gravel is suitable for your driveway? Whether a commercial lot or residential lot. gravel makes a perfect choice when it comes to the preparation of driveways. Gravel is perfect for long driveways and is very budget-friendly. They are environmentally friendly and last long. It is ideal for keeping your car off mud and separates the yard and the parking area. There are different types of gravel, as described below.

  1.   Pea Gravel

Also referred to as the pea shingle, this type of gravel for your driveway is 3/8 to 4 sized. The pea gravel is rounded and has smooth sides, thus the soft finish. They are very eye-catchy because of the different colors, grey, brown, red, and blue.  They are naturally weathered. It is mostly preferred as a top layer.  It allows water to flow between the rocks since it is a better drain rock. You should use an acceptable form of edging to keep it in place to drive it quickly because the round shape is hard to be locked in place.

  1.   River Rock-Semi polished type of gravel

This gravel type is also known as creek stone. It is made of rounded, semi-polished stones scooped from stream beds and rivers. The gravel, has a smooth texture, thus must be edged properly using stones to keep it in place. It has an aesthetic appeal making it suitable for the top layer.

  1.   Quarry Process

This type of gravel is also known as shoulder stone, crusher run, QP, dense grade aggregate, dirty stone, and ¾ blended stone. It is made of trap rock, crushed granite, and limestone, which bind to form compacted gravel. It is strong and durable, thus good as the top layer. You should make sure that the middle part is higher than the other sides when using it. It maintains stable drainage and ensures minimal damage.

  1.   Base Gravel.

Just as the name suggests, it is suitable for the base layer of the driveway. It is a type of sizable crushed stone. The diameter is 2 inches or more.


    Washed Clean Stone

The texture is of crushed stone. It is more attractive since it is cleaner than crushed stone. The size determines if to use as the top or middle layer.


    Jersey Shore Gravel

It consists of white stones, tan gold, and slightly yellow color. the gravel type creates a welcoming atmosphere due to its tranquil feel. It is aesthetic, thus used as the top layer requires edging to put it in place.

  1.   White Marble Chips

They have grey streaks, making them suitable for the top layer.  They shine and sparkle in the sun, making them more attractive. The sparkling gives them an aesthetic and elegant appeal. They prevent a lot of heat in the area. Ensure to use the driveway edge to hold them in place.


For perfect installation, ensure to choose the right gravel for every layer. Your choice determines the outcome; thus, you should be very keen when choosing. Are you planning to install a gravel driveway in your home? Contact us today for expert advice when it comes to choosing the best type of gravel for your gravel.