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Are you looking for a gravel contractor in Virginia? When it comes to the installation and maintenance of gravel driveways, some people fail to hire a professional gravel contractor Virginia.

They rely on their research and DIY videos to do the same on their own thinking they will save a lot.

However, in this field no matter how smart they may be no one can match the work of the trained and qualified professionals.

In this post, I will give clear clarification as to why you should avoid DIY methods and leave this task to professionals.

1. Professionals Gravel Contractor Virginia Saves You Time

A professional gravel contractor in Virginia will come up with a suitable and highly efficient plan for the installation and maintenance of your gravel driveway. If you require a new driveway, your duty will only be to show him or her the installation site. Professionals will know by themselves where maintenance is needed by looking at your driveway. This means your daily work or business schedule will not be affected. Furthermore, when you involve an expert, the task will be completed as fast as possible.

2. Gravel Contractor Virginia Uses High-Quality Materials

Professional contractors know the best materials to use in the installation and maintenance of driveways. You are assured of strength and durability when you hire them. A gravel contractor Virginia would not like to tarnish his or her name by using low-quality materials which can’t stand tests of time. They would also like to get positive reviews from you and hire them for future work.

3. Professionals Saves Money

Unknown to many, you can save a lot if you leave the installation and maintenance of your driveway to the experts. Gravel contractor Virginia is cost-effective and would not like to overcharge their clients since they expect recommendations to their friends and future jobs from them. Unlike you, experts know where to get the best materials at a friendly price since this is their field of work. If you decide to install or maintain the driveway by yourself, there is a high likelihood of ending up spending more.

4. Safety

Your lack of experience in installation and maintenance may cause injuries to you, your clue, and visitors after slipping or falling. There is a high probability that you may not be doing what is required or the tools being used are not right for the job. A professional knows the right staff to employ, they know how to handle everything without putting themselves and others at a risk. They have the right machinery and equipment to cater to a specific task.

5. Increased Value

A gravel driveway that is not installed or maintained by a professional contractor will add no value to your property. Driveway is the face of one’s property this is where every visitor sees first. Appealing driveway increases the value of the whole structure by far. Gravel contractor Virginia knows best how to construct and fix any damage with the urgency required.


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Gravel Services Midlothian and Bon Air

A gravel driveway can only stand tests of time if every important step is well taken care of when installing. Nobody would like to see his or her driveway wear out just a few days after installation. Involving the right, qualified and experienced professionals should not be ignored. Planning, preparation, and maintenance are the key issues here no matter the size, surface texture, or strength of your driveway. In this post am featuring the right process to follow to end up with a durable gravel driveway.

Step 1. Consider the Use of Gravel Driveway 

Ultimately, the size, type and weight of the vehicles to be using the driveway is the first step to consider before carrying on. If big cars will be using the driveway, consider building a stronger basement, otherwise, it will soon wear out. Take the measurements of the vehicles and build your driveway using the width of the widest vehicle. 

Step 2. Order the Right Materials

Types of gravel differ in particles size and compatibility. Choose the best quality recommended by the experts for the same. Sand and cement should be taken into consideration too. In case the soil at the place you are installing the driveway is the type that holds a lot of water, replace it with a well-draining type of soil.

Step 3. Hire a Qualified Gravel Driveway Installer With Right Machinery

To build a durable drive driveway, employ an operator who is qualified and experienced in that field. Expect great results if you give him or her the right machinery to do the job. You would rather take much time looking for good machinery and qualified operator than rush, otherwise, your driveway will not be valuable and it will just last for a few days.

Step 4. Compact the Soil Properly

This is the first and most important step in soil preparation. Compacting reduces the volume of pores in the soil which are filled with air and water. The soil is left with desired properties after compaction. It is resistant to stress caused by climate and traffic since its stability is increased. It is unlikely to swell due to water absorption. The compacting process is different for different types of soil.

Step 5.Build a Strong Base

The base layer forms the foundation of the driveway surface. For the driveway to remain functional for many years, make strong layers of different thicknesses that can withstand harsh weather conditions depending on the load expected on it. Let each layer dry before starting working on the next one. Now you understand why a strong base is vital when building the gravel driveway.

Step 6.Construct Good Drainage

Excess water flooding on driveways can be a big threat. It easily causes wear out and water damage. Potholes develop very easily under the same situation. Worst of all the driveway gravel can be eroded. Proper drainage must be prioritized for your driveway to last for decades. Trenches and ditches for draining away water should be dug.

Step 7.Regular Maintenance

Always keep the driveway in good condition. Clear bushes or weeds may be growing near the drainage areas. Clean your driveway and fill any emerging cracks. Protect both edges and make sure the materials remain firm.


You should not count on the extra cost you may incur when hiring professionals to plan and construct your driveway. Cheap is always expensive and should be avoided. Driveways act the face of your home. Contact Stratton Landscaping for professional gravel driveways and you will get the value for your money!

Gravel Services Midlothian and Bon Air

When it comes to ensuring an easy-to-maintain and beautiful outdoor, gravel can be the best choice. Whether it is your backyard or the driveway, gravel provides an easy installation process and requires little commitment in terms of time and money to maintain.

However, you have to ensure proper installation practices from the onset. In this post, we look at the best practices for gravel installation. Keep reading to find out what you ought to do when preparing for gravel installation, installing gravel, and post-installation maintenance procedures.

  1. Lay good Quality Weed Membrane

Applying good quality weed membrane is a simple but effective way to control weeds on your gravel driveway. Weed barriers create extra support for vehicular traffic and inhibit the growth of weeds. If you do not install a weed barrier, your driveway might develop irregular surfaces that gradually put pressure on the car tires. Moreover, using a membrane underneath the gravel driveway allows natural elements to permeate through the soil beneath.

  1. Ensure Proper Grading

Grading involves leveling the surface to create an excellent smooth surface before installing gravel. Land grading gives you a smooth and uniform surface prior to gravel installation. Grading may require dirt from the higher up is moved into the lower-lying areas. Alternatively, grading involves moving in more soil from somewhere else to fill the surface. Ensure grading so that the surface can handle heavy loads without breaking up. Otherwise, you may have to repair the gravel driveway after few months of installation.

  1. Ensure Proper Drainage

Another important consideration when preparing your surface for gravel installation has to do with drainage. Remember that if your surface has poor drainage, you risk a flooded driveway in the rainy season. For that reason, it is advisable that you invest in ensuring proper drainage. The proper drainage involves directing water to the correct place so that the rainwater does not flood within your household.

  1. Ensure Proper Driveway Edging

The first and foremost way to protect your driveway is to ensure appropriate driveway edging. Driveway edging can be done using stone or brick pavers. Proper driveway edging protects the asphalt and concrete driveways against chipping or cracking. Therefore, it is important you ensure the driveway has appropriate edging throughout.

  1. Engage a Professional

Gravel installation may appear to be a simple DIY task. However, you have to ensure professionalism and the highest standards for the driveway to serve you for years to come. The best way to ensure your driveway lasts is to engage a professional from the initial installation stage. Therefore, a professional will prepare the surface appropriately, and deliver a fast installation.


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Are you looking for a land grading contractor Virginia? Hiring the right land grading contractor is the first step needed for installation or land grading projects. Choosing the right contractor makes the difference between a successful project and a complete disaster.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about hiring a land grading contractor.

  • Hire Experienced Land Grading Contractor Virginia.

Land grading is a dirty and dangerous job which may appear to just be pushing some dirt around with a bulldozer to the untrained eye. Land grading requires more than just a machine, therefore you need a professional to work on your project to provide the proper plane for the surface. Since no two sites are the same, it takes years to master the important part of preparing each piece of land. Hiring a professional with several years of experience will make you feel more comfortable.

  • Reliability

The most important thing to consider with any project is your timeline. There is nothing worse than being stalled at land grading because it’s your first step for your project. Hire a contractor who will show up at your land grading site when they say they will. If they cannot be available soon, you may need to find someone else.

  • Land grading Contractor Virginia Practical Knowledge of the Field

Your contractor should know the science behind land grading by being well-versed in terms of the flow of water, structural consequences, and other site-related conditions. He should also have sufficient expertise in operating heavy-duty machinery. Owning heavy machinery is a huge plus. Your land grading contractor Virginia should also adapt quickly and immediately to present a new work plan when faced with challenges.

  • Customer Reviews  

The best way to vet your potential land grading contractor is to check their history. Looking up at customer reviews and testimonials will help you find credible land grading contractors. Reading other people’s experiences will help you know whether a contractor completed the job in a respectable timeframe or showed on time. Their customer service and communication skills will be elaborated and if the customers are recommending them to other people, they may be a good choice.

  • Your Land Grading Contractor Pricing 

Contacting different land grading contractors can help in getting a quote for your project. You then compare and contrast the pricing to find the best offer. However, a less expensive grading contractor may have less experience, poor customer reviews, or no insurance. Therefore don’t use price alone to make your decision. An experienced land grading contractor fortunately will be able to give you an accurate and fair quote for the job.


Hiring a land grading contractor is vital and you need to ensure you are getting a qualified company for the job at hand. Ensure the company you choose has a strong record of performance and reliability to avoid any surprises.


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Professional Landscape Grading Virginia

As you prepare to install gravel, plant flowers, trees, and other foliage on your property, you might need to level the land first. Leveling the ground is important especially when the property sits on uneven ground. The common question is, what is professional landscape grading and why consider land grading?

What is Professional Landscape Grading?

Professional land grading refers to the process of leveling the earth on a property. Ideally, land grading involves cutting down the dirt from higher parts on the lot and filling it into lower spots. Therefore, land grading creates a smooth and even surface that sits at a uniform elevation.

Why Consider Professional Land Grading Virginia?

Professional land grading is important for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Engaging a professional land grading contractor in Virginia could be the best way to enhance the appearance and the health of your lawn and garden. An experienced land grading expert will create a flat surface for everything from pouring the foundations to landscaping. Besides, the land graders will redirect water away from the main structures on the property.

Without professional land grading, the rainwater from heavy storms runs the risk of building up around the foundation of your property. Besides, the rainwater could wash out the plants and flowers or cause indoor flooding. Thus, it helps if you could hire a professional land grading expert to work n your landscape.

What are the Benefits of Professional Land Grading Virginia?

Professional Landscape grading Virginia offers a number of benefits. Here is an overview of some of the benefits of ensuring professional landscape grading.

  • Professional Landscape Grading Ensures Simpler Landscape Construction

One of the core benefits of landscape grading is that the landscape is easier to maintain and use even in future projects. For instance, as a homeowner, you want a nice and smooth gravel driveway in front of your home. If the landscape is uneven, the driveway will not be as smooth as you wish.

  • Prevents Water Drainage Damage

Another top reason you want professional land grading is to improve the water drainage and prevent damage to your house foundation. Rainwater flooding can potentially accumulate around the foundation and cause cracks on the walls. To avoid such problems, hire a professional landscape grading to ensure proper water drainage.

  • Creates More Landscaping Space

Sloped yards could make part of the landscape virtually unusable. For instance, if there is a steep slope on one side of the yard, you may not enjoy a green flat lawn. However, getting rid of the steep slope creates a beautiful feature for outdoor enjoyment.

  • Healthier Landscape and Plants

If you plan to grow some foliage, you need to get rid of the steep slopes and create a flat surface where you can grow vegetables, grass, or trees. Contact a professional landscape grading in Virginia for land grading.

Are you planning to install gravel driveways, plant grass, or grow trees in your backyard? Call Stratton landscaping for professional land grading in Virginia. We provide experienced professionals equipped with the right tools for landscape grading. Contact us today!

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Installing Gravel Driveways

Driveways play a major role in the beautification of your residential area. It is also part of the landscaping process. Therefore, when choosing the type of driveway to install extensive research is required. The land terrain and its size is a major determining factor of the same. One’s budget should not be ignored and this should cater to installation, maintenance, and expected future upgrading. In this post, we cover the topmost benefits of choosing to install driveways made of gravel.

1.Installing gravel driveways is Cheaper

Gravel driveways are very much affordable compared to others. It does not require a lot of materials or skills. The area to be installed is marked after the measurements are taken. The gravel is then ordered, delivered, and poured at the selected area. In some areas, the gravel is available at the same area which is marked for installation. This makes the process even much cheaper. Spreading and compacting does not require a lot of labor.

2.Easy to Maintain

The top light gravel may be blown away by the wind or knocked aside by the residents when walking. Collecting and replacing and doing light compacting is very simple and does not require ordering replacing gravel. Simple tools like rakes are required to leveling before compacting. The same is used when collecting fallen leaves and twigs. Emerging potholes are just filled with concrete and compacted to the level of one’s driveway. 

3.Does not Erode

Unlike driveways built with sand, gravel driveways are not affected by water. The gravels can not be carried away by water, they are heavy. Water runs between gravel spaces and drains to the end. Gravel also loses moisture quickly and drying does not take long. There is no need of digging the side drainage line thus avoiding the extra costs. Additionally, with no stagnant water, the driveway remains clean and smart.

4.Acts as Home Security

Gravel driveways keep thieves at bay. They are aware of the sound produced when one steps or drives on the gravel and cannot enter nor approach those premises. The crunching sound can be heard from far especially at night when there are fewer disturbances and sounds. Only authorized persons can walk or drive on it comfortably.

5.Gravel Driveways Comes in Different Varieties

Different people prefer different choices and varieties of the selected type of driveway. No other driveway can match gravel when it comes to this. This is one of its unique characteristics. The owner can choose the gravel with the color which matches his or her buildings. For beautification, the owner can even decide to mix different colors. Again, one can choose the size of the gravel depending on the weight of the cars which are expected to be driven on it. Gravels also come in different shapes.


Hiring an expert to choose the help you in the choice and installation of the driveway is advisable. You may incur an extra cost but this will add a big value to your premises. Driveways define how your home looks because it creates the first impression. Contact Stratton Landscaping for professional gravel driveways 


Why you should consider professional Land Grading Virginia for your yard and why you need to Involve A Professional.

Trying to make things seem natural where nature has put high and low spots in the wrong places require real talent. Land Grading requires some basic techniques to be followed to ensure the landscape not only looks good but also functions properly.

Since land grading  Virginia is the basis of any landscape design, you should have a solid plan. The plan should consider directing water, enhancing views, and increasing interest. Therefore, you should have both aesthetic and functional considerations whenever you intend to undertake land grading.

Often deemed unnecessary, skipping land grading can create problems that will last as long as your new project stands. The project may be plain or a slope, regardless, the target is to achieve a smooth landscape with no variations whatsoever. There are some good reasons why you should do land grading. Let’s jump straight in. 

  1. Land Grading Virginia is Important For Water Drainage.

Land grading improves water drainage and prevents damage caused by water pooling. During heavy rainfall, uneven land prevents water drainage and water can flow towards your project rather than away. The water can accumulate around the foundation and in worst-case scenarios cause flooding. Reshaping the surface angle and involving a skilled company in it ensures that proper drainage channels are established. The utilization of the drainage channels maintains your project integrity.

  1. Smooth Landscape

A smooth landscape is a very important aesthetic element for any project. Land grading ensures a landscape is smooth. Uneven spots may exist throughout the site surface without land grading. An uneven spot causes logistic issues and is also visually irksome. 

  1. Professional Land Grading Virginia Enhances Solid Foundation

Before laying down a foundation, land grading should be done. Land grading should be the very first step when it comes to any construction project When a surface is even, it improves stability and ensures a strong foundation. Land grading should be done by professionals to ensure a solid foundation for your project.

  1. Professional Land Grading Virginia Ensures An Even Elevation

Grading the land correctly and changing the elevation prevent drainage and flooding issues. But it’s not as simple as just shoveling away some soil. Sloped surfaces may look simple but there is more to developing them as too steep a slope can be problematic. Understanding the elevation required and ensuring an even elevation throughout requires a professional.

  1. Increase Usable Space

When you want to build on uneven land, it limits your option when you want to build outdoor features since they require a flat surface. The elimination of slopes and hills becomes easier. This is through professional land grading, making it easier to install other features like swimming pools and sitting areas.


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Gravel Services Midlothian and Bon Air

The gravel installation process can leave your home area being classic and eye-catching. Many people think that the process involved in gravel installation is very expensive and can only be achieved by a few. This is not the case. Experts can plan your budget and use it professionally and at the end of the day, your intended area will be left shining and neat. Maintenance costs will be of the same class too. Below, there is an elaborated guide to the gravel installation Process.

1.Mark out the area you intend to install the gravel

This is the first task of the gravel installation process and it’s very important. However many people tend to ignore or forget it especially if the work is under the hands of inexperienced professionals. It helps one to estimate the budget, this consists of the labor, materials, tools, and machinery if they will be required. Marking also guides the people working in the area.

2.Remove topsoil, grass, and weeds

The second step of the gravel installation process involves the removal of topsoil and the elimination of any weeds. Gravel can only be poured on the clear and clean ground to get the best out of it. Clear all the weeds, grass and remove the topsoil in the marked area. This can be done manually if the marked gravel installation area is not large. However, if you are working in a large area you should hire machinery and an operator to make the work easier and complete in time.

3.Calculate the materials needed

Make a clear calculation of the stones and gravel required to complete the process. The stones are used at the edges of the gravel installation area. To calculate the number of stones required, measure the length and the width of the area. Then know the depth you are intending to go when digging out the trench for laying the stones. Multiply the three measurements and you will get clear estimates.

For the gravel, calculate the area of the ground you are installing. Then measure the depth you are intending to go and multiply by the area. By doing this you will be aware of the gravel amount required.

4.Make an order for the materials

The stones should be delivered earlier for the edges to be built and dry. After 3 days prepare for the arrival of the gravel. If your gravel installation area is not that big, assemble the required tools: shovel, wheelbarrow, and a rake to help in the manual spreading of the gravel when the tracks start delivering the same. In case the gravel installation area is large manual spreading may not work. You should hire spreading machinery or talk to the same track drivers because they may be in a position to do the same.

5.Compact and shape the gravel layer

After spreading the gravel as required, hire a bulldozer to compact it with the roller. This is the only sure way of making it intact to avoid being blown away by wind and bringing about irregular shapes on the ground. Remember to make it incline slightly at the edges. This helps in water drainage.


Are you in need of gravel installation services? At Stratton landscaping, we exceed client’s expectations. For free estimates, talk to us today!




Yard Grading Stratton

Yard grading stops property damage that may be caused by water. Water should be draining away from the property. This saves extra costs to be incurred when doing repairs after such damages. Yard grading is the best for setting up construction or even making improvements to existing ones.

Hiring an expert with knowledge and experience is recommended especially if you are new to yard grading. Illustrated below are guides and steps to help you understand more about yard grading and how to implement it;

1.Plan Your Yard Grading 

Identify the area you want to land grade. Do comprehensive underground research because there may be electric cables, internet cables, and water pipes passing at the intended site. Those are some of the potential challenges and should be dealt with first.

2.Use The Appropriate  Land Grading Soil

Experts prefer high clay content dirt to be used when yard grading. Compared to other types of soils, clay is less porous, so water will not be running through it. It is also heavy meaning it does not erode easily. Big particles of soil and humus should be separated before spreading the dirt.

3.Choose the Right Materials and Tools for Land Grading

For small projects, you require a pair of gloves, a rake, a shovel, and a wheelbarrow. In the case of big projects, hire an excavator is necessary to provide more power.

4.Identify the terrain of the area

To know the terrain of your yard area run a tight string with a level on it starting from the lowest to the highest point. Then take all the measurements and do the marking. Water will start draining from the high points ending to the low points. Add some soil along the edge of the lowest points to reduce the speed of running water thus preventing washing away of the topsoil used for yard grading.

5.Compact Down the Dirt

If your land grading area is not very large, use a sheet of metal or plywood for this task. Place the sheet over the dirt and run a heavy material over it. This is done after pulling the dirt gradually from the high points to the lower points away from the structure. In case your area of work is large, hire a compressor to do the compacting.

Compacting the dirt does not only make the yard neat but it prevents dirt from blown away by wind and being eroded by water.

6.Plant the Required Grass

First, remove any old grass from the yard that is being renovated. Select the type of grass seeds you require depending on the of your area. Plant the grass carefully making sure that you do not dig much soil from the ground. Try and maintain ground level as much as possible. Use compound fertilizers like NPK at the planting time.

Keep the area watered always as the grass germinates. Spread hay on top of the grass seeds to maintain moisture.


At Stratton Landscaping, we will serve you with diligence when it comes to yard grading. We have experienced and tested experts. For free estimates, call us today!


Gravel Services Midlothian and Bon Air


Gravel installation can be a great surface to use because it’s cost-effective and an easy option to use for transformation. Before installation of gravel, you have to consider the size of the gravel, the surface below the gravel, and the role you want the gravel to have. Since gravel is not easy to clean, it’s important to consider the preparation needed. The considerations will ensure the gravel looks at its best once everything is finished.

Marking the section for gravel installation before you start is important because it will help the layout look neat and precise. This will help allow the right width while excavating the topsoil and the pushes if there are curves where you are installing the gravel. Marking will also save a lot of awkward alterations afterwards.

 It’s also important to consider the gravel purpose before purchasing it. If your gravel is for decorative purposes,  you have a wider option on which gravel to use because decorative gravel is not disturbed very often. You should choose medium-sized gravel for footpaths because too fine gravel would be moved easily as you walk, while too large gravel would make walking difficult. 

Here are the steps involved in gravel installation. Let’s jump straight in.

  1. Excavation before Gravel Installation

Gravel installation requires excavation and it’s rare to not excavate. The topsoil should be removed because its load-bearing ability is poor. The topsoil also has a heavy concentration of organic materials that makes it prone to retaining water. After remaining with an exposed layer of firm subsoil, fill with sub-base material and compact before laying the membrane.

  • Geotextile Membrane.

The geotextile membrane should be placed between the excavated ground and the base. The membrane ensures the sub-base material does not mix with the ground below and avoids the passage of water.  The geotextile membrane is essential where grounds are poor.

  • Laying the Sub-Base.

The sub-base provides the load-bearing ability because it helps to spread the weight of traffic., and also creates a solid layer resistant to rutting and channelization. The common sub-base material consists of crushed rock graded to dust. The ranging size ensures the material interlocks when compacted and still remains permeable to water.

  • Gravel Installation 

The gravel’s purpose is to provide a decorative finish. The gravel should not be deep because it has no benefit to the performance of the finished surface. The maximum depth of the gravel should be applied to provide good coverage of the sub-base and also prevent rutting.

The gravel should be laid directly on top of the sub-base and levelled with rakes and shovels. 



Gravel installation is one of the most cost-effective additions you can make to your property and they also add beauty. At Stratton landscaping, our work ethic has led to many happy customers who return repeatedly for our services. We also pride ourselves on being on time so that we don’t intrude on your daily life. Our experienced team can install new gravel on your property or regrade your existing one. Contact us to schedule your gravel installation today!.