Gravel Services Midlothian and Bon Air

A gravel driveway can only stand tests of time if every important step is well taken care of when installing. Nobody would like to see his or her driveway wear out just a few days after installation. Involving the right, qualified and experienced professionals should not be ignored. Planning, preparation, and maintenance are the key issues here no matter the size, surface texture, or strength of your driveway. In this post am featuring the right process to follow to end up with a durable gravel driveway.

Step 1. Consider the Use of Gravel Driveway 

Ultimately, the size, type and weight of the vehicles to be using the driveway is the first step to consider before carrying on. If big cars will be using the driveway, consider building a stronger basement, otherwise, it will soon wear out. Take the measurements of the vehicles and build your driveway using the width of the widest vehicle. 

Step 2. Order the Right Materials

Types of gravel differ in particles size and compatibility. Choose the best quality recommended by the experts for the same. Sand and cement should be taken into consideration too. In case the soil at the place you are installing the driveway is the type that holds a lot of water, replace it with a well-draining type of soil.

Step 3. Hire a Qualified Gravel Driveway Installer With Right Machinery

To build a durable drive driveway, employ an operator who is qualified and experienced in that field. Expect great results if you give him or her the right machinery to do the job. You would rather take much time looking for good machinery and qualified operator than rush, otherwise, your driveway will not be valuable and it will just last for a few days.

Step 4. Compact the Soil Properly

This is the first and most important step in soil preparation. Compacting reduces the volume of pores in the soil which are filled with air and water. The soil is left with desired properties after compaction. It is resistant to stress caused by climate and traffic since its stability is increased. It is unlikely to swell due to water absorption. The compacting process is different for different types of soil.

Step 5.Build a Strong Base

The base layer forms the foundation of the driveway surface. For the driveway to remain functional for many years, make strong layers of different thicknesses that can withstand harsh weather conditions depending on the load expected on it. Let each layer dry before starting working on the next one. Now you understand why a strong base is vital when building the gravel driveway.

Step 6.Construct Good Drainage

Excess water flooding on driveways can be a big threat. It easily causes wear out and water damage. Potholes develop very easily under the same situation. Worst of all the driveway gravel can be eroded. Proper drainage must be prioritized for your driveway to last for decades. Trenches and ditches for draining away water should be dug.

Step 7.Regular Maintenance

Always keep the driveway in good condition. Clear bushes or weeds may be growing near the drainage areas. Clean your driveway and fill any emerging cracks. Protect both edges and make sure the materials remain firm.


You should not count on the extra cost you may incur when hiring professionals to plan and construct your driveway. Cheap is always expensive and should be avoided. Driveways act the face of your home. Contact Stratton Landscaping for professional gravel driveways and you will get the value for your money!