Lawn Care involves everything from mowing the lawn, irrigation of the ground, and eliminating those pesky weeds. Maintaining your lawn or garden can seem like an awful chore on top of all your other responsibilities. We want to help with all your lawn care needs.

If you have ever had a garden, or at least tried to cultivate one, you know that it takes hard work and diligence, even when you put your best foot forward, the garden does not seem to cooperate and it is so frustrating right? By calling on our landscaping and lawn care services, we will help you to get the proper care your ground may need to grow that garden!

Similar to your skin and hair, different lawns and natural grounds need different types of care, especially in different seasons. In order for your garden to truly flourish, you need to make sure it is getting the right kind of care. Timing is everything too. That is where we come in! Our lawn care experts are here to enhance your lawn with our time, attention, expertise, and experience of our Virginia land.


As the best lawn care service in Virginia, we know that your lawn needs to be aerated at least once a year. It is highly recommended to have your lawn aerated in the spring time and/or either the late summer or early fall. Who wants to do aeration, when there is so much more to enjoy on those beautiful early evenings or weekends? We do!

Aeration involves making small holes in the ground so that air, water, and nutrients will expose their naturally powerful enhancements to the grassroots. Our experts will complete the professional aeration to ensure that the roots grow deeper and are healthier so that your lawn is more beautiful. Core aeration reduces soil compaction and encourages thatch breakdown. This will improve water uptake and reduce runoff and puddling.


Seeding is the most crucial part of your lawn cultivation and maintenance for your garden. Whether you are starting a new garden or reseeding an existing one, part of your maintenance plan, the type of seed used can make or mar your garden. You will want to use a blend specifically mixed for the kind of soil your property has. As experts in landscaping and lawn care for our beautiful state of Virginia, we know what type of weather we experience and will make sure to properly prepare your ground.


If you find that the grass in your lawn is not looking as great as it should be despite all your efforts, it may be time to have your lawn fertilized. There are many reasons why your grass is lacking nutrients and we are here to make sure that the grass on your property gets the right blend of fertilizer to suit your lawn care needs.

Lawn fertilizer can be made up of a number of different ingredients; nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that is most important. Fertilizer helps to add nutrients to your grass and plants. The right fertilizer blend will result in healthier and more beautiful grass and plants.

If you are in the Chesterfield area, be sure to contact the best lawn care service company in Virginia. We offer the most affordable landscaping and seasonal services around this area. We will provide the utmost professional care to you and your lawn care needs. Contact us today!