Stamped Concrete


Are you looking to renovate your backyard? Do you want to install modern, serene patios that make your guests gaze in awe? Are you in search of a reliable, reasonably priced brand that’ll install concrete patios in expedited time?

If so, you need to thank fate for leading you right to the hub of concrete-related services in Virginia. Stratton Landscaping has been in the industry for quite some time now. Over the past few years, our team has grown, and we proudly say that we have served hundreds of customers and satisfied all their needs!

Patios are perhaps THE most popular backyard landscaping solutions in 2021 and the years to come. Although there are loads of different options when it comes to patios materials, concrete remains the number one choice of the people of Richmond, VA.

The diversity, reliability, and aesthetic appeal provided by concrete patios are unparalleled, and that’s why almost everyone is opting for them. Therefore, if you want to revamp your backyard, you know what to install and who to call for the installation process! Whether you love a rustic, calm design or a contemporary, lavish design, Stratton Landscaping can create concrete patios as per your needs!

Stratton Landscaping provides its customers with exclusive discounts, expedited services, and excellent customer support at all times. Hundreds of satisfied customers’ reviews speak volumes about the quality and finesse of our services.

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Get Concrete Patios and Revamp Your Backyard!

‘Concrete patios near me’ is perhaps the only thing on your mind right now. Well, if you reside in Virginia, you need not look elsewhere. We have got your back! Stratton Landscaping has a team full of adept artisans who use every ounce of their experience in devising the ideal concrete patio designs for your backyard.

Every single one of our designs is unique and as per your house’s ambiance. Therefore, you can rest assured that once we are done installing the patios, they will remain breathtaking for decades! Moreover, all this comes at a reasonable price!

It can’t get better than this, right? Wrong! Stratton Landscaping also provides tree trimming services so that you only have to hire one brand to get ALL of your backyard work sorted. So, what are you waiting for? Request a quote now and avail limited-time discounts!

Hear More About Our Stamped Concrete

Have a Look at Our Exclusive Concrete Patios Ideas

Versatility is what makes concrete-made patios fan favorites. In that regard, Stratton Landscaping offers a wide variety of concrete finished as per your demands and your house’s ambiance. Out of all the different finishes we offer, broom finish and stamped finish are the most prevalent. Almost all of our customers ask for them, and we’re sure you’ll also opt for either of them once you get to know their perks!

Broom Finish Concrete

Broom finish concrete is a traditional aesthetic that is as functional as it is glamorous. Have you ever seen a pavement that has random strokes on it, giving it a rustic appeal? That is what we call a broom finish.

Stratton Landscaping uses special brooms especially crafted for scoring concrete. Adept tools, customized concrete mix, and expert workers mean that your patio will be crafted perfectly! Besides, broom finish is particularly popular as it reduces slipping and increases friction!

Stamped Finish Concrete

Do you want to escape the ordinary? Are you looking for concrete patios ideas that will give your backyard a unique appearance? In that case, Stratton Landscaping recommends you install stamped finish concrete patios.

They are ideal for giving your backyard a pavement-like aesthetic. Moreover, you can select the stamps for a number of distinct designs Stratton Landscaping has created over the years. Give your backyard a premium look without all the added cost!

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Being the pioneers in this industry, Stratton Landscaping has been through all thick and thin. We use all of our expertise to provide our customers with nothing short of perfect! Our star-studded lineup features some of the most experienced workers in all of Virginia, providing their services for multiple decades!

Therefore, have a look through our reviews section, and see for yourself what our customers have to say regarding our services! On top of that, here are the highlights of Stratton Landscaping:

  • Specialized, Experienced Workers
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