Tree Services in Richmond, Chesterfield, Midlothian, and Bon Air


Stump Removal

Whether you have an existing tree that needs removal all the way down to the stump or there is an unsightly stump left from a previous tree removal, our team at Stratton Landscaping and Tree Removal will take care of all your tree removal service needs. We are the experts for landscaping services that you can trust. We have the experience for the best tree care and stump grinding services in Chesterfield.

Three Reasons To Have Tree Stumps Removed

Stumps Are Unsightly – A Leftover Tree Stump Is Not Something You Want To See On Your Landscape. Our Tree Stump Removal Will Make Sure That The Aesthetic Look You Desire Will Be Accomplished

Stumps Are Dangerous – Make Sure That Your Property Is Safe, Especially For Small Children Or The Elderly. We Do Not Want Anyone To Trip

Stumps Are Difficult To Maneuver – Make Mowing The Lawn And Weeding Easier with No Unnecessary Obstacles And Less Chances To Damage Your equipment If It Hits The Stump

Regardless of the reason for your request for a stump or tree removal, our professional landscape team will take care of that eye sore and help you create the vision for your yard and landscaping design that will exceed your expectation.

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