Gravel Services Midlothian and Bon Air

The gravel installation process can leave your home area being classic and eye-catching. Many people think that the process involved in gravel installation is very expensive and can only be achieved by a few. This is not the case. Experts can plan your budget and use it professionally and at the end of the day, your intended area will be left shining and neat. Maintenance costs will be of the same class too. Below, there is an elaborated guide to the gravel installation Process.

1.Mark out the area you intend to install the gravel

This is the first task of the gravel installation process and it’s very important. However many people tend to ignore or forget it especially if the work is under the hands of inexperienced professionals. It helps one to estimate the budget, this consists of the labor, materials, tools, and machinery if they will be required. Marking also guides the people working in the area.

2.Remove topsoil, grass, and weeds

The second step of the gravel installation process involves the removal of topsoil and the elimination of any weeds. Gravel can only be poured on the clear and clean ground to get the best out of it. Clear all the weeds, grass and remove the topsoil in the marked area. This can be done manually if the marked gravel installation area is not large. However, if you are working in a large area you should hire machinery and an operator to make the work easier and complete in time.

3.Calculate the materials needed

Make a clear calculation of the stones and gravel required to complete the process. The stones are used at the edges of the gravel installation area. To calculate the number of stones required, measure the length and the width of the area. Then know the depth you are intending to go when digging out the trench for laying the stones. Multiply the three measurements and you will get clear estimates.

For the gravel, calculate the area of the ground you are installing. Then measure the depth you are intending to go and multiply by the area. By doing this you will be aware of the gravel amount required.

4.Make an order for the materials

The stones should be delivered earlier for the edges to be built and dry. After 3 days prepare for the arrival of the gravel. If your gravel installation area is not that big, assemble the required tools: shovel, wheelbarrow, and a rake to help in the manual spreading of the gravel when the tracks start delivering the same. In case the gravel installation area is large manual spreading may not work. You should hire spreading machinery or talk to the same track drivers because they may be in a position to do the same.

5.Compact and shape the gravel layer

After spreading the gravel as required, hire a bulldozer to compact it with the roller. This is the only sure way of making it intact to avoid being blown away by wind and bringing about irregular shapes on the ground. Remember to make it incline slightly at the edges. This helps in water drainage.


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