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For a private home owner the responsibility does not end inside the house. Just like the front yard and backyard, the driveway is equally important. This means that the driveway required attention and required work to ensure your home owning journey is hassle free. A hassle free driveway is one that involves a gravel lot installation. Given that gravel lot installation involves a fairly high cost it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages, type of gravel installations you can choose from and the steps involved in installation. This is a three step process in which the first is to decide, the next is to choose the material and the final step is the actual installation. Here is the ultimate gravel lot installation guide to help you choose a gravel installation that suits your driveway.


If you are considering gravel lot installation then it is important to make sure you can overlook the possible concerns before delving into the advantages. It is best to understand the disadvantages first and make sure that none of these are deal breakers for you. Unlike stone driveways that offer a polished aesthetic, gravel has a more grunge look. The equipment required for this work is heavy duty and it can have a little sloppy finish. Given that the gravel lots have ruts and bumps it can attract snow and make it a little difficult to remove. Before you start constructing make sure there are not any neighborhood compliance issues with the material used for your driveway.


Gravel lot installation for driveways is a more common thing that you think and there is a reason why this is the case. A closer look at the advantages of gravel lots will give you a better understanding of why people opt for this option. The porosity of gravel makes it a tried and tested option that will last for seasons withstanding the heat and freezing conditions. In addition the porosity also helps with keeping debris off. Not only is gravel more porous, it is also more affordable in comparison to asphalt and concrete. Though there is a range involved, it’s cheaper and has a longer lifespan, which further increases the value of your investment. The hardy nature of the material also makes it a low maintenance alternative. Despite people focused on aesthetics arguing that gravel is not the best aesthetic option, the color options make it blend well with varied settings. There is also the option of a DIY installation or fix but it is best to stick to a professional to make sure you do not stumble upon any problems in the future.


The first step is choosing to get a gravel lot installation. The next step is to choose the type of gravel you want. There is class 5 gravel which is the standard road gravel. Class 5 limestone has color variation. Screened class 5 limestone which is finer limestone. Then there is crushed rock which is great for slopes. Screened rock which provides a different appearance and aesthetic value. Finally there is clear crushed gravel which comes in a variety of colors and gauges. It is important to note that the price of each of these materials vary and there is a range of prices within each product as well. Book an appointment with a gravel lot professional to help you understand the distinction and prices.


The final step is to begin the installation process. Unless there is a compliance issue in your neighborhood, chances are you will benefit from a gravel lot installation. In case you have decided on a gravel lot, it is important to understand the steps involved in a gravel lot installation to ensure your gravel lot does not have any premature issues. While the duration of the project depends on the size of your driveway, there are a series of things you must do for an effective gravel lot installation. Start with measuring the size of your driveway. Once you have the length and width approximation you can calculate the square footage and get equipment accordingly. Then have an understanding of the quantity of each item you need in order to work on the gravel lot. For example, figure out answers to questions like what do you need for the upper layer? what do you need for the lower layer? etcetera.

Estimate the price based on the requirements and this will give you a ballpark cost of the project and help you decide on whether or not you are in a position to budget a gravel lot installation. Decide on which professional is going to help you in the process. While DIY is an option, it poses a lot of logistics challenges which can get in the way of the final finish of your gravel lot installation. Regardless of a professional taking on the project or you working on it as a DIY project, the next step is to clear up the area and to level the surface and make it gravel ready. Then the ingredients will be delivered, dumped and spread and packed down. Once all this is in place, the drainage needs to be installed and it will be finished by the spill gravel. Keep these steps in mind and beware of the steps regardless of you working on the project or a professional. This will help you ensure your gravel lot installation is up to par.


If there isn’t any neighborhood compliance issue then a gravel lot installation is budget friendly, hardy and low maintenance option. This will elevate your home in terms of structure and aesthetics. A better question is when are you planning on getting a gravel lot installation?


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