Tree Services in Richmond, Chesterfield, Midlothian, and Bon Air


Trees are magnificent. They offer shade on those hot Virgina afternoons, they produce wonderful things like fruit and flowers, they have history, and so much. You probably remember having a fun tree house growing up too. While trees are generally healthy by utilizing the natural resources underground, plus the natural sunlight, like other living organisms, trees can get sick. If your favorite tree gets sick, we are here to take care of it and make sure it gets back to providing you with all the things it is meant to.

A healthy tree needs a regular prune up, and a tree needing to be attended to, will benefit with pruning to get back in its best shape; however, when your tree is sick, it may need to be felled. Call on us to diagnose your tree gone ill, and our experts will take the best course of action. We will inform you of what action is needed, what kind of ailment is possessing your tree, and how it affects the tree as well as others nearby.

At Stratton Landscaping and Tree Removal Company, we offer light to medium tree felling and tree pruning services. We will get your tree in tip top shape or if needed, we will remove the tree for aesthetic or structural reasons. Do not wait too long, let us save your tree!


Tree pruning means to remove weal, old, and diseased branches or leaves from the tree. We know the proper techniques to prune and we understand that pruning is essential for a healthy tree. Call the best Chesterfield landscaping and lawn care service provided in town! We are excited to help you save your trees!


Trees that blossom in the Spring need to be pruned when their flowers fade. Trees that bloom in mid to late summer should be pruned in winter or early spring.

Generally, pruning can be done at any time if your tree requires some light pruning to remove deadwood. We recommend that your tree is not pruned during the fall. The weather conditions that come with the fall season can actually reverse the effects of pruning by spreading fungi that causes decay.

Pruning can be done in the Winter because it is a dormant period for plants and often leads to a burst of new growth come springtime. It is important to know that pruning should be done only after the coldest part of winter has passed. Do not worry, you can count on us to take care of your tree in all seasons. Call on us today!

Summertime is also good if you are wanting your tree to grow. Our recommendation is to have pruning done shortly after the seasonal growth is concluded. If you are wanting to remove a weak or dead limb, pruning during the summer is the optimal time as the trees are dry and it is easier to see weak or diseased branches.


Tree pruning and tree felling are intricate and delicate tasks that require a lawn care and landscaping professional that has the experience, expertise, and equipment to get the job done right. If pruning is done incorrectly, it can cause severe and permanent damage to your tree or the property surrounding it. The best thing to do is to call a professional lawn service company, and who better to call than Stratton Landscaping and Tree Removal.

Contact us to set up your free consultation. We guarantee it will be worth your while. We will offer you our expert advice and affordable estimates for all your tree pruning and tree felling needs.